The Klaus Family – South Carolina

"Hello from Kristie & Marcus Klaus! We got 'Rue' (now Brutus) from you in June 2010 after we lost our beloved rottie, Odin. Brutus truly has the best temperment of any rottie we’ve ever had and we know your family played a part in that. We’re still astonished that as a puppy, he never once destroyed or chewed anything. He is such a gentle giant, always playful and wanting to please us. We welcomed our baby girl, Kayden, in October 2010 and I had to share this pic – they are best buddies and he never leaves her side. I have a whole album devoted to the two of them."

The Lewis Family – South Carolina

"Belle, Brantley and Taylor enjoying their first leaf pile of the year :) Thank you again so much for such a wonderful Rottie!!!"

The Gagnon Family - Canada

"Thank you Mandy and Will for the perfect puppy ! LuNa is so smart and it’s like she always have been a part of our family."

The Hudson Family – South Carolina

"Hello everyone!! Meet our sweet girl, Zoe (Zoei) Sunshine Hudson!! She is THE PERFECT family pet for us. She has all the qualities we were searching for in a family pet. She is smart, loyal, eager to please us and she has a great temperament. She was a breeze to house train and knew commands such as sit, stay, come, and pin up (to get in her crate) at only 7 months of age. Our boys enjoy running and playing fetch with her. She has been a wonderful addition to our family and we thank the Mandy and Will for blessing our family with the perfect family dog!!"

The DiCarlo Family – South Carolina

"From the moment we were greeted by Mandy and Will, we knew we were in the right place to find our new addition to our family. Mandy and Will (and their sons) are warm and friendly, loving and honest – and it shows in the temperament of their Rotties! We went there just to bring Baker home, but when Will brought Riley out (the tiniest one of the litter), my heart melted and I knew she was for us too!! We now have double the love and will always be grateful to them for our loving, sweet, smart, mushy and sometimes goofy Rotties."
~Joanne could not resist the baby runt girl, she batted her eyes at her sweet sweet husband and went home with double the LOVE! :)~

The Sotak Family - South Carolina

The Stochel Family - South Carolina

The Faile Family - South Carolina

The Lafond Family - South Carolina

The Hawkins Family - South Carolina

The Alfonso Family - South Carolina