Roya Vom Portsdaht

AKC #: WS321166/10 03-13

Euro Van Hof Ter Cammen

WS316209/01 02-10 (Belgium)
Black & Mahogany
AKC DNA #V584238


Tammy Vom Frankenblick

WS213489/02 02-10
Black & Mahogany

Roya is from European and Belgium import… Along with an amazing pedigree, she has an outstanding structure and a very wide build for a female… She is an extremely broad with a head the size of a male’s head, which isn’t supposed to be that large, but we really like masculine females and we love her breed type a lot. Dogs with this much breed type usually pass it along to their puppies, as Roya has done in the past. Our "beefy girl"… is highly driven and very loving… She has tons of substance! With her rock chest, she is very strong. She has the wide, short muzzle and she is dark mahogany. Along with her amazing looks, her temperament is just as fabulous… She is super sweet and overly loving, never gets enough loving.

Puppies are $1,500 - $2,000

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Roya’s Mother

Josh-Vom-Frankenblick, Grandad on Dam’s side

Roya’s Sire

"Euro Hof Ter Cammen"

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River City’s H-Black Pearl

I am so in love with this girl! She came into our family at 6 years old and has stolen our hearts quickly. She is a blessing for sure. She loves the kids and us. Her personality and temperament is PERFECT, could not ask for any better. She loves all the other dogs, including the other females! No aggression towards other females. Also, she is stunningly beautiful and has tons to offer. She is nice and short with nice wide chest, nice bone and block head. Gorgeous coat of hair with dark markings. She is Bronko Od Dragicevica’s grand daughter. She will retire very soon, so get in line for her current litter now!

Grand dad

Born and Bred here at Wildscape

Maja Vom Portsdaht

From Roya x Baxter

Wildscape’s SiLa Vom Bullenfeld

Nera Vom Bullenfeld x Tito Earl Antonius